Solutions | Training

Whatever your strategic goals, meeting them requires a well-trained team.

EducationFolder will help get you there — faster.

Build skills, develop leaders and accelerate employee performance with learning management built specifically for the contact center environment.

Combining positive gamification elements with the proven impact of certifications, EF delivers a truly innovative method of driving performance. Intuitive for trainers and learners alike, the easy-to-navigate system, automated features and streamlined processes make creating robust courses easy and simple, while assessment, tracking and reporting features ensure results.

Key Features

Single-source solution

  • All performance improvement activities tracked and managed in one place
  • Supports classroom-based courses
  • Assign coursework by supervisor, group or individual
  • Simplifies compliance reporting

Closed-loop process

  • Tracking and reporting of user progress and results
  • Ensures training completion
  • Secures agent acknowledgment and feedback
  • Drives individual performance improvements

Robust and intuitive authoring tools

  • A single tool for all creation needs with no special training required
  • Quickly develop high-quality courses and assessments with powerful content authoring tools, beautiful templates and intuitive navigation
  • Easily convert PowerPoint presentations to e-learning courses
  • Integrate courses with video, screen captures and quizzes
  • Create sophisticated online assessments
  • Reduce training development costs and speed new program rollout

Supports KPI integration

  • Overlay performance results with training activity
  • Benchmark effectiveness of training activities and identify areas for refinement
  • Proactively assign courses based on performance or QA results
  • Gain a comprehensive view of performance improvements

Certification program management

  • Rapidly build learning paths by grouping courses to create certification programs
  • Motivate and reward progress with achievement badges
  • Define and manage certification/recertification paths and set expiration dates

Integrated gamification techniques

  • Keep your team motivated with rewards and recognition
  • Create friendly competition with leaderboards to drive peak performance
  • Increase engagement with the millennial workforce