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Our customers love EducationFolder. We know you will too.

E-commerce Membership Site

“When I came on two years ago, we had 30 people. Today, we’re a team over 230. Every pain point you have in the call center is managed within EducationFolder. We couldn’t have had this growth – or this success – without it.”

Dale Sturgill – Director of Contact Center Operations

Third Party Logistics

“EducationFolder has been vital to the success of our team. The communication tools and access to on-demand information really keep our employees feeling invested in the organization. Our business is evolving. EducationFolder ensures our team is ready to evolve as well.”

Todd Holcomb - Chief Operating Officer

Technology & Outsourcing Consultancy

“EducationFolder has been vital to the success of our team. The task management module ensures we are operating according to our procedures. The Quality and Coaching modules ensures that our agents get the needed coaching as quickly as possible.”

Caroline Schneider – Senior Director, Business Services

Information Technology and Customer Service Outsourcer

“Education Folder has been a welcomed addition to our current toolset. The integration into call center processes was seamless and well received by our staff. I cannot imagine going back to the time without it….”

Steve Durrant – Manager of Customer Care Operations

Business Process Outsourcer

“EducationFolder is a vital part of our operational processes. Not only does it help streamline the day to day, it has helped drive significant performance improvements within our organization.”

Rob Newton – CEO