Solutions | Task Management

The task management solution to go from “do” to “done.”

Task management has never been easier. Automatically task people with recurring to-dos such as status reports, coaching and KPI reviews, and even set manual tasks based on changing QA scores. The task widget, notifications and reminder emails will keep those tasks top of mind. Tasks are easily reviewed and completed by users, and full reporting capabilities ensure operational compliance.

Key Features

Automation of standard tasks

  • Automatically task people with recurring tasks such as status reports, coaching, KPI reviews, etc.
  • Automatically assign tasks to all employees within a specific role
  • Supports automation of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks
  • Improves and streamlines operational processes

Support for manual tasks

  • Easily add manual tasks to track and manage assignments for supervisors and managers
  • Customizable forms for completion, tracking and reporting on information
  • Manual tasks for coaching and development can be automatically assigned based on changes in performance or Quality Assurance scores

Task widget

  • Provides a list of pending tasks
  • Tasks are easily reviewed and completed by users
  • Task widget on individual employees’ home portals keep required tasks top of mind
  • Notification and reminder emails

Full reporting capabilities

  • Easily run reports on tasks and task activity
  • Supports compliance reporting
  • Gain management insights into process adherence and productivity