Solutions | Rewards & Recognition

You can’t put a price on loyal, dedicated employees. But you can count the cost of replacing them.

Creating an engaged workforce begins with recognizing employees for the amazing work they do. It’s not about yearly ceremonies or cheeky rewards, but about building a company culture that revolves around recognition. That’s why EducationFolder’s Rewards & Recognition features are not just a shoe-horned afterthought, but rather an integrated system built into the entire operational process. See what a difference.

Key Features

Fully integrated, multi-tiered rewards and recognition system

  • Includes points, badges and public recognition features including walls and leaderboards
  • Great for sales incentives, wellness recognition, attendance, customer service recognition, safety awards and more
  • Supports “big screen” broadcasting for recognition of employee achievements
  • Facilitates self-motivation, allowing employees to set goals for themselves and track progress towards those goals
  • Creates opportunities for connection among employees
  • Reduces attrition
  • Encourages a happier, more productive workforce

Automation of standard rules based on recognition activities

  • Set thresholds to issue rewards with positive changes to KPIs
  • Auto-post personalized recognition messages to walls for work anniversaries, longevity awards, birthdays and other timed events

Support for real-time, on-the-spot rewards and recognition

  • Recognizes positive contributions via reward points
  • Facilitates a positive, top-down recognition program via awards and badges
  • Fosters managerial engagement and enhanced employee relations
  • Increases motivation and job satisfaction
  • Integrated point redemption system
  • Includes “company store” for offering unlimited products and services to employees, including inventory management and item delivery
  • Managers award points for positive contributions
  • Employees collect and redeem points for special rewards

Integrated gamification badge system

  • Simple, yet effective way of accrediting learning
  • Assign badges for any criteria, such as completing an activity, course completions or passing assessments
  • Flexible, visual recognition of performance
  • Allows for quick and easy identification of talent pools and specialists
  • Motivates team to build reputation amongst peers, and go the extra step
  • Enables companies to innovate with their networks, build trust and promote their brand with learning managed across the extended enterprise in a valid and verifiable way

Full reporting capabilities

  • Easily run reports
  • Track reward/performance correlations and improvements over time