Solutions | Performance Metrics & Leaderboards

Take the guesswork out of performance metrics with graphical dashboard displays.

Graphical information displays give supervisors a visual representation of coaching, training, and QA effectiveness – identifying which activities generate the greatest impact and which need to be refined or replaced. Dashboards help agents self-monitor their performance against key performance metrics, while leaderboards help drive team performance.

Key Features

Agent dashboards

  • Displays key performance metrics at the individual agent level
  • Completely customizable to fit your organizations needs
  • Measure effectiveness of coaching, training and quality assurance efforts by overlaying KPI metrics
  • Standard APIs and upload abilities
  • Encourages agent self-monitoring and goal setting
  • Facilitates continuous improvement of systems, processes and performance and learning management activities


  • Easily identify star team members
  • Drive team performance through gamification of goals
  • Compare teams and supervisors KPIs graphically