Solutions | The EducationFolder Method

A simple idea with tremendous results.

EducationFolder was founded on a simple principle: With the right tools, processes and motivation, every team can achieve peak performance.

That’s why EducationFolder is about more than technology – it’s about people. Giving your team the tools they need, when they need them. Simplifying processes to create accountability and increase adherence. Revealing actionable data for continuous improvement. Providing rewards and recognition that keeps everyone motivated and engaged.

It all adds up to happier employees and more satisfied customers – not to mention lower costs and increased revenue.

How we do it.


Agent training is core to the EducationFolder philosophy. Our learning management system ensures coaching requisites are quickly identified, immediately scheduled and tracked through to course completion.


We streamline the coaching process for you with automated assignment capabilities and completion tracking. You can even measure program effectiveness by overlaying key KPIs with performance improvement activities.

Quality Assurance

Our QA features deliver a closed-loop process to improve consistency and enhance the customer experience across all communication channels. Integrated analytics turn audits into insights.

Effectiveness Dashboards

Because the learning management system tracks all development activities, this information is easily overlaid with performance metrics for greater insights into the effectiveness of training and coaching activities.

Knowledge Base

Agents have access to the data they need, when they need it. The single-source system reduces call time and enhances customer satisfaction. Built-in analytics help supervisors identify trends.

Rewards & Recognition

EF utilizes integrated gamification techniques to foster engagement and build community, contributing to lower attrition. On-site and virtual teams alike feel recognized among their peers and more personally invested in the organization.


When communications fail, so does the team. That’s why EducationFolder includes a built-in, fully integrated and multi-channel communication system, including portals, banner ad-style messages, and team chatter.

Task Management

We help ensure those endless to-do lists actually get done. Automatically assign recurring to-dos and set manual tasks as they arise. The task widget, notifications and reminder emails keep it all top of mind.

Employee Management

Day-to-day administrative tasks can eat up valuable time for training and coaching. EF’s built-in and customizable employment management system tracks attendance and provides visibility into policy adherence.


Robust yet easy to run reporting features ensure supervisors, HR and operations teams are always in sync, ensuring proactive, timely responses when needed.

Anytime/Anywhere Access

Global, virtual and remote teams share the same tools and processes as on-site staff, 24/7.

Easy Integration

Our cloud-based architecture allows for ease of integration with zero burden on IT resources.

Rapid Implementation

The intuitive interface requires minimal training and increases process adherence.


Licenses begin at just $5.00 per seat. Performance improvements are money-back guaranteed.

Real results.

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