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Centralized content that speeds performance.

Unlike most performance and learning management systems, EducationFolder’s end-to-end system includes a built-in knowledge base (KB). Put an end to lost time spent tracking down data across multiple systems. Ensure cross-team customer service consistency. Empower your star team members and speed learning for new hires. With EducationFolder, everyone on your team has immediate access to the data when they need it.

Key Features

Easy to use and maintain

  • Create any type of information you choose, such as FAQs, wikis, manuals, customer service responses and technical data
  • Empower team members with the ability to create and maintain the KB
  • No special skills or training required
  • Intuitive editor makes it easy to organize and manage support content
  • Organize content in any structure or hierarchy
  • Restrict access to assigned groups as desired
  • Supports rich media, including documents, images, video and PDFs
  • Superior KB search integration with recent searches maintained for easy repeat access

Edit histories and notifications

  • Maintains revision history and document versioning for full version control
  • Keeps all users up to date on the latest changes in policy, procedures and information
  • Supports ISO standards by maintaining a history of all edits
  • Allows users to report errors and rate pages for helpfulness

Powerful analytics

  • Tracks which specific documents are used and with what frequency
  • Analytics for usage at document, page and user-levels
  • KB-use analytics enable identification of staff training needs
  • Gain insights into user information searches and expose gaps in available content

QA & KPI integration

  • KB pages can be automatically assigned for self-study based on Quality Assurance results and performance changes within key KPIs
  • Quickly address training needs through self-study and ensure completion