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Communication that creates community, whether your team is on-site or around the world.

Good communication encourages engagement and fosters community spirit, contributing to lower employee attrition. But in today’s world of frenetic office environments and transglobal and remote workforces, good communication is more challenging than ever. That’s why EducationFolder includes a built-in, fully integrated and multi-channel communication system.

Key Features

Fully integrated, multi-channel communication system

  • Internal banner ads promote company themes and messages
  • Header messages on the employee portal can be used for messages, announcements or critical updates
  • Sidebar area perfect for motivational messages, promotion of new materials or courses and other relevant support information
  • Chatter posts allow supervisors and managers to interact with one another to both communicate and encourage
  • Fosters team spirit and collaboration, whether employees are on-site or in a virtual working environment

Supports “big screen” broadcasting

  • Broadcast messages to an entire room via wall-mounted TVs or monitors
  • Create daily motivational messages, such as team goal progress, inspirational messages or best practice reminders
  • Great for recognizing and promoting team and individual accomplishments as well as milestones such as work anniversaries and birthdays
  • Promotes team building and provides on-going encouragement

Built-in scheduler

  • Automatically set message start and stop dates
  • Schedule messages days, weeks or months ahead of time
  • Establish default messages to display when specific messages have not been assigned

WYSIWYG editor

  • Easily set up and edit messages
  • Simple and familiar tools that require no special training
  • Messages can include text, image and video