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Coaching is the most effective method to improve performance. What type of insight do you have into the coaching activities?

Do you know how many coaching sessions actually take place in your organization? Most don’t, and real numbers are often shockingly low.

With EducationFolder, you now have the ability to track and manage supervisor-to-agent coaching sessions in a closed-loop process. Automatically assign coaching activities, track their completion, and immediately gain agent acknowledgment and feedback. Easily review all performance improvement activities, and even overlay performance metrics to determine effectiveness.

Key Features

Closed-loop process

  • Ensures coaching sessions are performed
  • Secures agent acknowledgment and feedback
  • Drives individual performance improvements

Agent-level activity tracking

  • Supervisors can easily review previous coaching sessions completed by individual agents
  • Facilitates customization and appropriateness for future coaching sessions
  • Allows overlay of KPI metrics to determine session impact
  • Creates opportunities for coaching session enhancements and continuous improvement

Flexible coaching forms

  • Easily configurable
  • Track any coaching topic

Built-in analytics

  • Gain knowledge of actual coaching frequency
  • Track subjects coached to identify additional needs and enhancements
  • Understand coaching session effectiveness and impact
  • Streamline and refine coaching activities to maximize performance improvements