Solutions | Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance provides insight into training and coaching needs. Automatic assignment of these activites speeds the performance improvement cycle.

EducationFolder’s closed-loop process creates a cycle of continuous improvement for your business.

Supervisors manage proactively with input from performance data. Employees stay engaged with daily feedback, rewards and recognition. HR and Operations are always in the loop with robust reporting features. Processes are continually evaluated, validated and enhanced.

Key Features

Unlimited and fully customizable forms for supporting any process whether it be calls, chats, emails or back-office transactions.

  • One tool for all processes
  • Modify forms on the fly
  • Capture data as imagined during the QA process

Evaluations are delivered electronically with agent sign-off which ensures a closed loop process and adherence to ISO standards.

  • Elimination of paper processes
  • Ensure every QA form is reviewed by every agent
  • Gather feedback from the agent
  • Timely delivery of the feedback

Full analytics on evaluations performed including productivity measures and quality metric trending.

  • Determine what attributes are being missed to understand quality trending
  • Better developed coaching and training programs

Enables rewards and recognition based on thresholds of quality performance.

  • Reduce attrition by fostering agent engagement
  • Create a culture of high performance through gamification

Multiple layers of notification for both opportunities and congratulatory praise.

  • Inform supervisors and management of areas of immediate coaching needs
  • Insure positive reinforcement